Sunday League assault leaves ref with serious injuries after fan tackles him from behind


The clip appears to have been recorded by the man’s friend, with whom he is heard talking to before the assault occurs.

“Are you ready?” the cameraman asks.

Wearing a pair of blue shorts and a hooded coat, the pitch invader then sprints for the middle of the pitch before throwing himself into the back of the referee’s legs.

The ref folds to the ground and screams in agony as the footage cuts out.

The shocking incident happened during a game between Barry Athletic FC and FC Pumas in Barry, Wales, on Saturday (October 15).

A Barry Athletic spokesman said: “We were playing the game and these two guys entered the ground through some gate not used by anyone in the club.

“They came over and stood on the side of the pitch and one of them just had the ref from behind and the ref’s legs went right up behind him.

“It was quite an intimidating experience as there were kids and families around.”

The video has since been seen by more than 17,000 people after it was posted online this weekend.

“It was a bizarre experience and we didn’t know it was being filmed,” the spokesman continued.

“It was really concerning at the time because we thought he was under the influence but it seems like that was not the case and they were doing it for a laugh.”

It is unclear what injuries the referee sustained during the unprovoked attack.

Daily Star Online contacted South Wales police who confirmed that an investigation into the incident was under way.