Wife of exPrem star reveals secret behind amazing postpregnancy body


Maria, the saucy blonde wife of ex-Reading and Fulham striker Pavel Pogrebnyak, 32, has undergone three pregnancies but fans say her body now looks as good as ever.

The model recently shared a picture of herself lying on a beach in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates with a ice-cream in her hand.

Thousands of fans commented about her controversial figure on her profile, with .

Some followers said the 28-year-old model and fashion designer is too thin and .

“It’s all lies. I’ve spent a lot of money ordering pills from all over the world, however, miracles did not happen.

“The secret is doing a lot of sports and eating healthy.”

She added that she has had to quit eating pastries, sweets and any kind of fatty food.

The glamorous mum-of-three reportedly spends a lot of time working out in gyms and enjoying various spa and cosmetic treatments..

A lot of her followers agreed that whatever she is doing, it is working and her body now looks better than even before her first pregnancy.