YouTube goes nuts over ‘footage of dragon’ flying over mountains


The strange footage shows a winged creature flapping through a mountain range in China, the ancient kingdom of the mythical dragon.

The video”s description claims it was filmed near the border with Laos.

And it looks like something which could have come straight out of Game of Thrones.

Some of the online viewers are certain that the video shows a fire-breathing dragon.

Other users were not so sure about the film’s validity.

One wrote: “Looks ridiculous. Looks fake.”

Dank Dud3 wrote: “It looks pretty fake as the background is blurry and the dragon is pretty clear.”

Dragons are very important in Chinese mythical beliefs.

They are a source of power and strength, as well as being involved in many of their legends.

Britain also has a rich history of using dragon’s in popular culture.

The legend of reportedly killed a dragon. 

And the Welsh flag is superimposed with the image of a fire-breather.

A picture taken in 2014 might finally prove that