BREAKING Manchester Victoria train station roof collapses onto passengers


Police have confirmed that two passengers suffered head injuries and have been taken to hospital.

The police were notified at 4.43pm today.

Witnesses say that the roof panels collapsed onto a crowd of passengers at the Manchester Victoria Station and released a “tidal wave” of rainwater. 

The train station”s “bubble” roof was the focal part of a £44 million upgrade. 

A spokesman for British Transport Police said: “We are currently attending Manchester Victoria station following reports of a partial roof collapse.

“The report was made at 4.10pm.

“The North West Ambulance Service is also in attendance and two people are receiving treatment for cuts to the head.”

One Twitter user said: “Why have I just witnesses the ceiling at Manchester Victoria train station collpase on about 20 people because of the rain?”

Another Twitter user took a picture of the roof claiming he thought it was “collecting water” earlier today. 

Witness Daniel Pratt, 25, said: “About a tonne of water dropped down and the train took the brunt of it but there was a big group of people who it landed on too, and one woman I saw who was knocked down and didn’t get up. 

“I don’t know if she was knocked out but she didn’t move. She looked like she was in her 30s. I was about 50 yards away about to go through the ticket barrier.”

Northern Rail”s contractors are trying to repair the roof while services are still running.

Another witness, Jenna Barton, said: “I was just at the ticket gate and then I heard a massive crack and I then just saw, like, gallons of water fall down on top of the train.

“I don”t know whether people were boarding or leaving the train, but it hit quite a few people and then I saw a lady on the floor, obviously drenched from the water. She”d been hurt.”

Another Twitter user said: “So they spent £44m on a train station in Manchester and it is not rain proof?”