CRINGE Guy discusses cheating with girlfriend who CHEATED ON him


He filmed himself interviewing his girlfriend on the subject of cheating – after she cheated on him.

Touching on subjects including penis size and “how can I ever trust you again?” the pair stumble through a painful discussion that’ll leave you wondering if you’ve just watched the cringiest clip ever.

When asked how she thought Garret would react to the news that she had been cheating, girlfriend Ashley said: “I thought you would react like the way you reacted. I just thought you would be like, “oh okay”.”

The toe-curling scenes were uploaded to YouTube channel “Overboard Humor” on October 4 and have already been viewed over 80,000 times.

In his description for the footage, Garrett explains: “I have fully forgiven Ashley my girlfriend, and I would appreciate it if you guys could too.

“With the loss of her dad and postpartum depression she made some mistakes and I think she deserves a second chance.

“It took a lot of bravery for her to come on here and I hope you guys can appreciate her for that.”

Commenting on the cringe-fest, one viewer said: “I don’t meant to judge but dude she cheats once, it will happen again.”

Another YouTuber said: “She seems sincerely sorry, and for that I feel she should be forgiven and offered a second chance.”

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