GRAPHIC CONTENT Shock footage as ‘drunk’ driver mows down pedestrians TWICE


The road rampage began after an aggressive row escalated between a driver and pedestrians in Mexico City.

After a furious spat in the middle of the street, the driver barrels into the crowd in reverse before then driving over them a second time.

The footage starts when the driver of the red Chevrolet Aveo, who was allegedly drunk, was in his car in the middle of the street talking to a motorist in a green van.

As the argument becomes more heated, a group of women approach the red car driver, who angrily responds by throwing a bottle of water at them before driving off.


The pedestrians attempt to chase after the car, but eventually give up and turn around to walk back.

Unbeknown to them, the car driver slams into reverse and ploughs into the group like a game of skittles.

Some of the injured are seen sprawled across the ground as others start to get back to their feet.

Deciding he hadn’t caused enough damage, the car driver then speeds through the shocked pedestrians again.


Passersby rush to help the injured while the motorist drives off for good.

The video was later posted on social media and police have confirmed they are investigating the incident.

Officers would not reveal the reason for the argument, or give any further information about the injuries.