Muslim man “uses Sharia law to divorce wife” OVER THE PHONE for having a baby GIRL


Asma Khatoon claims she rang her husband Shahnawaz Hussain who is working in Saudi Arabia to talk to him about their daughter. 

But the husband then allegedly announced he was divorcing her immediately using Sharia law. 

Under Islamic law, a husband only needs to say ‘I divorce you’, which in Arabic is “talaq”, three times for the divorce to be legally binding. 

The couple married two years ago and lived together with their baby daughter until Mr Hussain got a job in Saudia Arabia three months ago. 

Mrs Khatoon said: “We were chatting on the phone on October 1 when he started saying that he needed more dowry money, and he criticised me for giving birth to a girl, saying this had raised his expenses. 

“When I protested, he said he was divorcing me over the phone and then he hung up.” 

The wife who now has to struggle to raise her child on her own is being supported by neighbours where she lives in the village of Niyamu in Muzaffarnagar district, in northern India”s Uttar Pradesh State.

Liaquat Pradhan, headman of Niyamu village, said: “We will not let this happen. We are considering getting the police involved and also taking the matter to court.” 

Sharia is Islam”s legal system derived from both the Koran, Islam”s central text, and fatwas – the rulings of Islamic scholars.