NEW BURKINI ROW Women thrown out of public baths in Hungary for wearing Islamic swimwear


The women, aged around 30 and 70, were reportedly in the pool at Szechenyi Baths for over an hour before two members of staff asked them to leave, who told them the order had come from the management.

An eyewitness said: “The ladies wearing burkinis were there at least an hour. I was already in the changing rooms. They were not noisy, they harmed no one, no one bothered me.”

The sales and marketing director of the baths Szilvia Czinege said that the women had been approached in the early evening of October, 9 after a guest had complained. 

The two women were told to respect the bath”s policies and bath in appropriate clothing.

According the baths, pools can only be used by visitors wearing swimming suits that do not reach below the knee or shoulder for health reasons. 

The incident comes after several towns along the French Riviera banned the wearing of burkinis saying the full-body swimsuits were a symbol of Islam and a provocative action following on the from July terror atrocity in Nice.

At the time Zeynab Alsheih, a 23-year-old medical student from Australia, had been forced to leave a beach after being told by several local people they would call the police if she did not leave.

The decision to ban the burkini was later overruled in August by the country”s top administrative court.