Scotland to “leave Britain” in unavoidable Brexit simulation


Football Manager is one of the biggest cult games in the UK.

Yet away from the transfers and tactics, its latest 2017 edition will let players deal with the potential consequences of Brexit.

In the new version, the simulation game – which creates an alternative future as the player progresses – will offer Brits a “hard” Brexit or a “soft” Brexit.

A “hard” Brexit could see the UK leave the EU, while Scotland may choose to leave Britain and remain part of the EU.

Mr Jacobson insisted the job was fairly “tricky” trying to predict the outcome of the Brexit fallout.

He told the Telegraph: “Preparing for the Brexit aspect of the new game has taken a lot of research, too: a lot of reading, a lot of talking to politicians and people in football.”

Earlier this year it was feared that some Premier League stars may have to apply for a new work permit if a hard Brexit policy was taken up.

West Ham”s Dimitri Payet and Chelsea”s N”Golo Kante were just two of the names highlighted.

Mr Jacobson added: “That’s two of last season’s three best players.

“The limit of non-UK players that British clubs are allowed could range from anything as high as 17 to as low as four.

“The best British players become more valuable, and so more expensive, too.”

Asked if this would be good football, he said: “From a British point of view it could be a positive.

“From a national team point of view it could be a positive. But from an overall perspective, it’s not a good thing for football in this country.”

Football Manager 17 will be released on November 17.