Shocking CCTV shows driver plough into crowd of people after argument


The driver of the red Chevrolet Aveo sped off after an argument with several women in which he threw a drink over one of them.

But after the group of people involved in the altercation ran after the vehicle, it suddenly reversed into them at speed hitting two women including a youngster.

A parked car was pranged as the driver made his reckless manoeuvre.

A local Facebook site which published the video said it happened in a neighbourhood called Prohogar in Azcapotzalco around 6pm on Saturday.

It said: “The man in this Chevrolet Aveo was inebriated and there was an argument and this person sped off and the others didn’t see him reversing at speed.

“Two people were mowed down including a minor. They tried to stop him but he came back at them at at speed hitting another woman before fleeing the scene.”

It was not clear if anyone had been killed or hospitalised and what had provoked the argument.

Local police confirmed that not only had they made no arrests but they had yet to receive an official complaint about the mystery incident.