Starry night! Mindblowing images of stunning nightscapes will take your breath away


The incredible shots capture the true beauty of the night’s sky, lit up in a kaleidoscope of colour, twinkling with millions of stars or adorned by the Milky Way.

Paul Wilson, 29, is a wedding photographer by day but at night he pursued his passion for astrophotography.

Speaking about his beautiful snaps, he said: “By night, I take off on a different journey, heading for the depths of the stunning mountain wilderness that New Zealand is known for all around the world.

“Framed by stunning mountainous landscapes, I point my lens to the distance.

“When you’re away from the city, and away from all that encompasses urban life, you see things in a very different light – literally.

“You see stars like never before – whole galaxies gleaming in the distance, and suddenly you experience a combination of feeling both very insignificant, and incredibly lucky to be standing.

“Astrophotography has been a lifelong passion for me.

“The stars evoke a sense of freedom for me, and over the years, I’ve spent countless nights camped beneath the night sky.

“I like to show people what they are missing due to the cities blocking our view with nasty light pollution.”