Sunbathing bikini babe almost loses top after suffering ultimate prank by cheeky lad


The lass is seen lying in the grass trying to get a tan, with a man dressed in black a few metres behind her.

It quickly becomes clear something is up when the lad begins to roll across the grass towards the girl.

The prankster stops just feet from the oblivious babe and waits for a few moments.

Then he throws what appears to be bird food around the girl and quickly rolls off again.

In a matter of seconds, a huge flock of seagulls swarm the babe and she immediately sits up.

She clearly has no idea what is going on and why she is suddenly surrounded by birds.

Getting up, she looks around for any clue for what had happened, but the prankster is lying down with his eyes closed as if the situation has nothing to do with him.

The woman desperately holds onto her bikini top to prevent it falling down and sinks back down onto her towel confused.

Since being posted to Imgur, the clip has gone viral with over 388,000 views.

One commented: “This is priceless.”

Another added: “Alfred Hitchcock would be proud.”

And another felt the man didn’t make the most of the situation, saying: “What he should’ve done is walked up and gently shooed away the seagulls then asked for her number.”

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