“They couldn’t care less!” Farage says people will STILL vote Trump despite allegations


The business tycoon has been battered by allegations of sexual assault and questionable recordings have emerged where Trump appeared to make light of sexual assault

The billionaire appears to claim women let you “grab them by the p****” when you are famous.

Farage argued that despite the backlash Trump has experienced following the allegations, there are people who “couldn”t care less” and will still vote for the Republican candidate come November 8.

During an interview on the BBC show Paxman on Trump vs Clinton: Divided America, the Ukip leader said: “I spoke to people who were Trump voters – gonna vote Trump in this election, and do you know what – they couldn’t care less!

“They couldn’t give a damn what Trump says, who he offends, because they see him as their weapon against the establishment and they see Hillary as being the epitome of that establishment.

“I think what we’re seeing, in the States and actually, across a fair bit of the Western world are the little people saying, ‘We’ve had enough and we want a change and we don’t care if that change causes a rupture’, and I think that is a lot of what’s being the Trump phenomenon.”

The 52-year-old claimed the recording of Trump, taken in 2005, was an “extreme alpha male boasting… the kind of boasting that some men do – it doesn’t mean that they actually do it”.

Farage, who has shared a platform with Trump during a rally in August and was a guest of the hotelier at the last debate, also refused to condone Trump’s previous statements.

When asked by Jeremy Paxman if it hurt to be in “effective allegiance” with Trump, Farage pointed to other previous statements the Ukip leader took issue with, such as comments made by the business mogul about Mexicans.

He said: “It’s not just that is it? I mean, there were the comments about Mexicans, equally there was the idea that you could have a total ban on anybody coming into America from one particular religion.

“You know, there are lots of things in this campaign that I couldn’t support in any way at all and nor do I.”