Toad in the whole! Duck gobbles down amphibian in incredible photos


These photos capture the bird as it snare”s the toad”s head in its beak, and then proceeds to force it down its throat.

The toad”s body and legs quickly disappear until the duck has gobbled up its entire meal. 

The incredible incident was snapped by German photographers Hubert Wulf and Ingo Gerlach. 

Ingo said: “In German, the phrase to swallow a toad means to swallow something you don”t want to. 

“This drake captured a toad that was clearly too careless and couldn”t make its escape. 

“With a quick peck the drake snared the toad, which desperately tried to escape. 

“But the duck”s vice-like beak firmly held the toad. 

“Finally the toad tried to splay its legs to stop the duck, but in the end it did not work and it was gobbled up. 

“It”s a very rare sequence of photos.”