Newspaper review Heathrow, Spalding, and child migrants


Newspaper review: Heathrow, Spalding, and child migrants

Image caption The Times says the prime minister has "fudged" a decision to increase Britain"s airport capacity. MPs won"t vote on the plans for at least a year. Despite that, the paper claims, "the path has been cleared" to expand Heathrow.
Image caption Heathrow is also the lead in the Daily Telegraph. The paper says ministers - including Boris Johnson - will be able to oppose its expansion, in order to avoid a "cabinet split".
Image caption The Daily Mirror leads on the 15-year-old girl found guilty of murdering a mother and daughter in Spalding, Lincolnshire. A 15-year-old boy admitted murder at the start of the trial. The Mirror calls them "evil lovers".
Image caption The Daily Star says the murderers "hatched their ice-cold plan in McDonald"s". Like the Mirror, it says the pair are the youngest couple convicted of murder in Britain.
Image caption According to the Metro, the girl was the "driving force" behind the murders. After the killings, the paper adds, the couple "settled down" to watch the Twilight films.
Image caption "Hulking young men" are pretending to be children in order to reach Britain from Calais, according to the Express. The paper says officials have "admitted" that age checks aren"t being carried out properly on migrants.
Image caption The Sun also leads on the migrant children story - saying some "look 40". The paper says MPs are demanding dental tests to prove the migrants" age. The BBC is blurring the faces of child migrants for editorial reasons.
Image caption The Guardian says ministers have been given a "dire warning" about the impact of leaving the EU"s customs union. The paper says GDP could fall by 4.5% by 2030.
Image caption The Financial Times says the pound had its "best day for two weeks" on Tuesday. It claims news that MPs will vote on Britain"s EU deal has "eased fears" about a so-called hard Brexit.
Image caption A "treasury u-turn" will cost pensioners, according to the Daily Mail. The paper says people will no longer be able to cash in a lump sum from their annuities - a reversal, it claims, of George Osborne"s policy.

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