Enraged woman confronts ‘cheating’ boyfriend – as he works at Sainsbury’s checkout


The woman is seen striding towards a cashier at the store in London.

A look of utter disbelief crosses his face as she lifts up a black bag – filled with his possessions – onto the counter.

“Where’s your friend,” the woman asks, before explaining that the bag contains all the cards he’d ever sent her.

Without hesitation, she then empties it right in front of him and an innocent shopper.

The bloke decides he has had enough and walks away from the check out, but the woman continues to scream: “Take me for a f****** fool for two years, played the family man.”

Footage of the incident – filmed by the woman’s friend – has gone viral on Facebook with more than 50,000 views since being uploaded last week.

The woman later wrote: “I’m not ashamed to say I’ve been cheated on for almost two years…why should I be ashamed as I am a strong woman and will not let a man get me down.

“[He] fooled me, my friends and family…you played a very convincing, good step dad too, a very convincing liar.

“Been living a secret life of cheating then crying like a b**** when he gets found out. He’s a fool.

“[He] played a very GOOD game, let”s make him famous so he can take a f***ing bow.”

It comes after a pregnant woman caught her boyfriend willing to cheat with another girl he picked up outside his church.

And one lesbian got revenge on her cheating girlfriend by humiliating her with an elaborate prank.