Idiotic prankster nearly dies after ‘flipping in front of train’ in heartstopping clip


The trickster – whose identity is not known – is seen at the beginning of the clip casually tying up his Adidas trainers.

He then walks behind a pillar, remaining out of sight until the train approaches.

Suddenly, the man reappears and hurls himself across the tracks – just inches away from the startled train driver.

The stuntman somersaults mid-air and lands on the other side of the platform just in time, as the driver beeps him.

He is then filmed boarding the same train as a passenger, at the Polezhaevskaya station in Moscow, Russia.

The clip has been viewed more than 75,000 times since being posted to YouTube, but users were left questioning whether it was a real jump.

One sceptical viewer commented: “Just look at the driver’s face – he’s not even surprised.”

Another suggested the footage of the moving train and the jump were filmed separately and then spliced together.

But some did believe the footage, with one adding: “I hope no one does this again – it’s beyond dangerous.”

It comes after one daredevil was filmed lying inches beneath a speeding train.