Botched boob job leaves woman’s breasts in her STOMACH


The unlucky lass told doctors that she had undergone breast enlargement surgery years before.

Her breasts sagged and got smaller and smaller over the years – while her belly had grown substantially.

She sought medical help and docs made the shocking discovery her implants had dropped into her stomach.

Pictures of the woman, whose surname was given as Wang, show a round pair of boobs sitting just above her waist.

Doctors found that this had happened due to Ms Wang being injected with Amazingel to make her boobs grow.

Amazingel was banned 10 years ago in China, where Ms Wang had the operation, and can be incredibly dangerous to the human body.

The substance has been known to cause cancer in some cases.

It is also mobile, meaning the gel moves from the breasts to the stomach and arms after being injected.

Fortunately for Ms Wang, doctors managed to removed the gel from her stomach at a Chinese hospital.

Before being banned, Amazingel was also used as an anti-wrinkle treatment.