‘DRONEJACKINGS’ Terrorists, hackers and criminals to create outofcontrol DRONE ARMY


Thousands of drones are expected to be used for deliveries, law enforcement or camera crews as well as personal devices in the coming years.

But experts have warned that most drones are not fitted with adequate security to stop hackers gaining control and even launching terror attacks.

The report says that dronejacking “toolkits” will help criminals figure out how to hijack personal information and goods carried by drones.

A threat report suggested that criminals will soon sell dronejacking toolkits on the dark web as early as next year.

There has been plenty of evidence of criminals looking to harness drone technology to out-fox police.

Customs officers arrested a smuggler last month who was

And a terrifying claw

The research suggests criminals may also look to steal expensive photographic equipment carried by drones to knock out surveillance cameras used by law enforcement.

This would leave a massive hole in the public’s personal security.

During a security conference last year a researcher demonstrated how easily a person could take control of a toy drone.

Mr Snell said: “Although taking over a kid”s drone may seem amusing and not that big of an issue, once we look at the increase in drone usage potential problems starts to arise.”

Building technology with the ability to stop a rogue drone has been hampered by the lack of market need.

A programme in the Netherlands employed a team of