Free rein for Kim Jongun as Donald Trump looks to pull US troops from North Korea border


That’s the fear in South Korea, where media have warned that Donald Trump could bring his soldiers home.

Already the President-elect has hinted at South Korea defending itself with its own nuclear bombs.

in a bid to end the dispute with him.

“We can draw a better strategic plan on the economy and security when we accept the changeability of the US-led order.

“The Korea-US alliance serves to fight the North Korean threat. It is therefore important to solve the stalemate in inter-Korean relations.

“We must try to find a breakthrough in the bilateral relationship instead of blindly relying on the US-led foreign policy of sanctions and pressure.

“The instalment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system and a hasty Korea-Japan intelligence-sharing agreement were therefore rash missteps.”

The piece concludes with calling for new leadership and new government in the South, where .

The President has taken a hardvline over if he fires even one of his nukes.

But now, amid allegations of undue influence from Choi Soon-sil – the daughter of a cult-leader – the president has offered to resign.

Meanwhile populist politician Lee Jae-myung, known as “Korea’s Donald Trump” is rising up the polls with his pledge to meet unconditionally with Kim Jong-un.