‘German Madeleine McCann’ case may have been solved after 15 years


Peggy Knobloch’s body was discovered in July some 15 years after she went missing (Picture: Police handout)

The death of a girl considered to be the ‘German Madeleine McCann’ may have finally been solved after the discovery of crucial DNA, reports say.

Peggy Knobloch’s body was discovered in July some 15 years after she went missing 50 yards from the front door of her home in Lichtenberg, Germany.

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Her case has been referred to as the Maddie McCann of Germany and although a man was found guilty of her murder in 2004, he was later freed in 2014 after his conviction was declared unsound.

But German prosecutors now believe they may have found the DNA of alleged neo-Nazi mass murderer Uwe BonHardt on her body, Bild reported.

While authorities are still clarifying whether the DNA trace – on a piece of blanket – comes from contamination it could represent a major breakthrough in the case.


Uwe Boehnhardt and Beate Zschaepe are shown on vacation at an undisclosed location (Picture: German Federal Criminal Police Office via Getty Images)

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Action Press/REX/Shutterstock (5747884a) Police at the scene Bones of missing Peggy Knobloch found near Rodacherbrunn, Germany - 06 Jul 2016 The skeletal parts found in a wooded area in Thuringia submitted offentsichtlich of the missing 15 years Peggy from Upper Franconia . The police headquarters Upper Franconia and Bayreuth prosecutor declared on Monday the remains

Peggy’s body was discovered in July (Picture: Action Press/REX/Shutterstock)

BonHardt is thought to have committed suicide in 2011 after a bank raid, which was intended to fund his National Socialist Underground (NSU) cell, failed.

The NSU was dedicated to driving immigrants out of Germany and now its only alleged surviving member, Beate Zschäpe, has told judges she wants to testify over the girl’s brutal death.

The MailOnline has reported that computers found after her arrest are being re-examined to see if they might corroborate DNA evidence linking Bönhardt to the death of Peggy.

Beate Zschaepe is on trial accused of aiding in the murders of nine immigrant businessmen (Piucture: AP)


Uwe Boehnhardt committed suicide following a bank robbery (Picture: German Federal Criminal Police Office via Getty Images)

Police and prosecutors said the genetic material – thought to be on a fragment of cloth smaller than a human thumbnail – recovered from the site had been connected to Bönhardt.

Zschäpe, whose trial has been dragging on since 2013, said through her lawyer Mathias Grasel she wants to answer questions about Peggy, Bild reported this week.

Her evidence is due to be heard in the week beginning December 5 but what she knows, if anything, remains unclear.