Give us some peace and quiet Silence demand for those living near airports says MP


Tania Mathias, the Tory MP for Twickenham, wants to extend existing environmental laws so that councils would be legally required to act on complaints made about loud aircraft. 

The debate on Tuesday will take place just days before the Richmond Park by-election which was triggered after Tory MP Zac Goldsmith resigned over the Government”s decision to back expansion at nearby Heathrow Airport. 

Speaking ahead of the debate, Ms Mathias said: “It”s about time that environmental protection legislation helped to protect the increasing number of people affected by excessive aircraft noise. 

“Medical evidence shows that this can affect children”s memory and reading comprehension, and it can affect older people with an increase in blood pressure and other cardiovascular risks. 

“If the Government is serious about airport expansion, it needs to be just as serious about the impact that more planes will have on people living underneath flight paths.” 

Councils already have a responsibility to investigate complaints made about noise which could be a “statutory nuisance”. 

If a council agrees that there is such a nuisance it can order whoever is responsible to stop the noise or take action to reduce it. 

At the moment the statutory noise nuisance rules do not apply to noise made by aircraft. 

The Statutory Nuisance (Aircraft Noise) Bill proposed by Ms Mathias, a vocal opponent of expansion at Heathrow, would make noise caused by aircraft a statutory nuisance. 

The Bill is being brought forward using the 10 Minute Rule Motion parliamentary device which allows backbench MPs to set out their own draft legislation. 

However, it is unlikely to become law without the support of the Government.