GRAPHIC PICS Kim Kardashian wannabe reveals botched bum implant hell


Instead of giving her buttocks the same smooth, plump appearance of Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, the injections caused her left leg to balloon to gigantic proportions.

The young girl underwent a butt lift – which involved doctors injecting fat into her bum to make it more bootylicious like Kim, who is married to Kanye West.

She presumably decided surgery was the only option after years of worrying about the size of her behind.

According to reports, a surgeon agreed to carry out the operation, vowing to give her a fuller, rounder bottom.

But the procedure, which saw the unnamed man inject an unknown substance into her backside, did not go to plan, leaving her butt cheeks and left leg horrendously swollen.

Her friend Emmanuel Chinedu Udoaku posted the images, writing: “Pls pray for her she went and do bottom enlargement but the result was unfavourable to her and she later develop this.”

Netizen Emmanuel Kenneth wrote: “Idiot! God gave you a nice body but you refused to take it.”

Netizen Ogbise Debby M-Zakari wrote: “We all make mistakes… I pray for healing…”

It is unclear if police are investigating and whether the surgeon has offered to help her.

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