Here’s a few things we could have spent the £220 billion cost of Brexit on instead



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Remember that glorious summer when the bold Brexiteers charged around in that bus with the slogan which said they’d spend £350m a week on the NHS?

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Things are looking a bit different now, aren’t they?

And now that Brexit is looking like it’ll cost us £220 billion, one Redditor has calculated a few things we could have bought with that money – rather than ‘getting our country back’.

After Philip Hammond’s budget, the Office for Budget Responsibility said government debt would hit £1.954 trillion in five years – an increase of £220 billion.

Robert Peston said, ‘It’s reasonable to characterise that £220 billion increase in the national debt as the financial cost of Brexit..

£78 billion of that is due to the expected post-referendum slowdown in the economy, £16 billion is from government spending and tax decisions, and most of the rest is the result of measures taken by the Bank of England in August to avert recession…

Almost two years of the NHS

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 06: An NHS sign outside St Thomas


The NHS costs £116.4 billion per year to run

Renewing Trident twice

LARGS, SCOTLAND - FEBRUARY 27: In this handout image provided by MoD Crown Copyright, HMS Vengeance departs for Devonport prior to re-fit on Ferbruary 27, 2012 off the coast of Largs, Scotland. The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded UK


The total running and renewal cost of our nuclear deterrent over 40 years.

Five years of our army

BAND E TIMOR, AFGHANISTAN - AUGUST 6: A British Army soldier from the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment secures the helicopter landing strip (HLS) during operation Southern Beast on August 6, 2008 in Maywand District in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. The British Army soldiers from the 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment spearheaded a strike operation in the Maywand District of the Kandahar Province, setting the conditions for a permanent ISAF presence to support the Afghan National Government in their fight against the Taliban. Striking within one of Afghanistan

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The annual total cost of all of the UK’s armed forces is £37.4 billion based on 2015’s figure.