Hollywood bosses set to put top snooker star”s story on the big screen


“As long as the film does justice to my life I”ve got no problem with it.

“I”ve reached perfection in something that I do, I”ve had a wand in my hand.

“To get that across in a film is great.” 

Skins star Jack O”Connell is reportedly in line to play the snooker champ, despite a “couple of big LA actors” being interested in the role.

If made, film bosses should have no problem in find material for the biopic.

Many fans see Ronnie as the most naturally talented players on the circuit but that doesn”t mean the Wordsley-born star has had it easy.

Ronnie”s dad, who now lives near his son in Chigwell, Essex, was jailed in 1992 for a vicious killing at a Chelsea nightclub.

Ronnie, who is engaged to Holby City actress Laila Rouass, has always looked up to his dad despite his spell inside.

He has a love-hate relationship with snooker and has battled addiction to alcohol and drugs.

He has suffered from depression and freely admits to only allowing himself the odd night out every few months. 

It is no surprise Ronnie”s snooker hero was fellow rebel Alex “Hurricane” Higgins.

Last year he played his first round tie of the World Championship without shoes on after complaining they were uncomfortable. 

It comes as a cheeky Efor the national football team alongside Gareth Southgate.

Last week to take up punditry.

The five-time world champion worked for Eurosport at the Northern Ireland Open last week with pal Jimmy White.

It is not the first time O”Sullivan has considered quitting snooker.