Horror as ancient ‘witch’ corpse unearthed with intact tattooed skin in amazing discovery


The skin was covered in tribal tattoos and authorities say they are an ancient black magic spell.

Authorities found the corpse while cleaning an ancient burial site in Mukdahan, Thailand, near the border with Laos.

They believe the Sanskrit writing and tiger pictures ensured the man”s body stayed together and was prevented from rotting.

But the tattoo may have prevented the man undergoing an operation for fatal appendicitis, said Goopaitongdaeng Jeemokkho Goopainueng Soonpaed (GORR).

They added: “The authority cleaned the cemetery with local people and volunteers and they found the skin of an old man who died of appendicitis.

“However, he couldn”t have surgery because the skin was too hard to cut and he ended up dying in agonising pain from the illness.

“The skin has a lot of tattoos and it hasn”t gone rotten. The spell to protect him and make him strong prevented the operation and then after he died stopped his skin from rotting.”

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