Hot reporter SNOGGED by cheeky giraffe in front of stunned TV audience


In a hilarious clip of the encounter, the blonde reporter attempts to feed back live to her TV station when it all gets a bit sloppy.

Reporting for KVVU-TV in Nevada, US, the journalist attempts to finish a piece to camera when the giraffe leans in for a kiss with his massive tongue.

The two-year-old was named Ozzy Picasso after his talent for painting which is why he and his keeper were being interviewed for the news channel.

Bizarrely the reporter doesn”t seem too worried, even offering Ozzy a piece of carrot from her mouth.

Ozzy is one of 50 animals at the Lion Habitat Ranch which is trying to raise £16,000 ($20,000) for a new home that will last the 18ft giraffe a lifetime.

Another famous giraffe had viewers open-mouthed but this time for an entirely different reason.

Viewers were left speechless during hit BBC nature show Planet Earth II when the

Incredibly it’s not the first time animals and humans have connected on screen.

as part of a bizarre party trick.