Ice skaters” HORROR as they discover deadly secret frozen under their feet 


More than 5,000 fish were frozen into the ice at the Space World theme park in Kitakyushu, Japan.

Some were arranged into a giant “hello” while others were half submerged with their mouths open.

The park has since faced an onslaught of criticism and apologised.

A memorial service is now being held for the fish, according to AFP news agency.

A statement on Space World”s website said: “We have received a lot of opinions such as “Using animals as entertainment and in events is bad” and “Poor fish”. We sincerely apologise.”

Crabs and other sea creatures can also be spotted in the pics, but Space World says they were bought from a market and dead before being frozen.

Since the news broke, the park’s Facebook page has been inundated with angry comments from people all around the world.

Zachary Fallz wrote: “In what alternate reality is your administration living in to think that freezing a bunch of animals into a skating rink would be a good idea? I”m completely dumbfounded.”

Jacqueline Stuart said: “Those fish died for nothing! What a terrible idea, no respect for living things. I hope all Japanese residents boycott your place.”

But Aaron J Pyne added: “People are seriously mad about frozen fish? Everyone has likely eaten pig, cow, chicken etc. If the fish were in the form of breaded fish sticks nobody would care.”

The BBC say the park has been closed since Sunday (November 27) and they are planning on taking the fish out of the rink.

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