Is there a FACE in the flames? Claims JESUS can be seen in these incredible pictures


Julie Redman was stunned to see a face in her fire when she snapped a quick photo of it.

Some of her friends believed it could be the face of Jesus.

The 52-year-old office administrator, from Tickenham, Somerset, often takes photos of flames to see what shapes appear.

But none have ever caused such a split.

She said: “I found it a bit freaky as I could clearly see a face.

“I was fascinated and wanted to know if my friends and family could see it.

“Much to my amusement, they could also see a face. 

“Some saw the devil, some saw Jesus and a few thought it looked like an actor in ‘Breaking Bad’.

“To be honest, I didn’t think of anyone instantly, but the more I looked at it, the more it did start to look like an interpretation of a devil.

“We were burning some sensitive papers at the time. I keep an open mind on the supernatural and believe anything is possible.

“I tend to see faces in all sorts of inanimate objects.

“But logic tells me that this is a trick of the light and background. 

“The freakiest thing was other people’s reactions, and a lot of people sure feel it’s the devil.

“I wonder if it’s the association with fire, and that it does appear to have a goatee and I moustache.”