It’s freezing outside and the cold weather is here to stay



‘Brrr it’s cold’ says this pony in Yorkshire (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

Freezing your socks off? Well, misery loves company, so the good news (sort of) is that you’re not alone.

Last night in the UK was officially the coldest of the season so far, according to the Met Office.

Temperatures in South Newington, Oxfordshire, fell to around -6.8°C in the night, while in Wales it was -6.2°C in Bala. Brrrrr.

And it got even colder this morning, with South Newington falling to -7.5°C.

We told you it was going to be cold!

There’s frost everywhere – including in this field in Newnham Bridge, Worcestershire (Picture: PA)

We told you it was going to be cold!

It’s even coated the plants (Picture: PA)

Many other parts of England and Wales are still ‘well below freezing’, too. If you’re in London, for example, temperatures are going to drop lower than usual to around -3°C today.

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And Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton and Powys are all just as cold right now, at -3°C.

Photos have been flooding in of, well, pretty nice looking scenes across the country as the temperatures dropped.

We told you it was going to be cold!

Temperatures are dropping to around -3C in London (Picture: WENN)

We told you it was going to be cold!

It’s pretty bloomin’ cold (Picture: WENN)

Emma, a Met Office forecaster, told ‘Temperatures were colder in the south than in the north of the country, in a reversal of the weather last week.

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‘Nevertheless it has been cloudy in the north, although much of this cloud is expected to lift today.

‘Today we’re looking at highs of 4°C to 6°C in the south, a bit milder temperatures further north, and a chilly day tomorrow. There will be lots of dry weather though.’

The freezing cold is set to continue through the week, with temperatures as low as -2°C tomorrow and Thursday mornings, and warming up marginally to around zero on Friday.

By this Saturday it will warm up a big again, with lows of 3°C and highs of 7°C.