Life on Mars? Alien hunter discovers tiny “reptile” in bizarre NASA picture


Joseph White, the editor of ArtAlien.TV, stumbled across the discovery in NASA pictures of the red planet.

He described the small creature as a “one-inch alien”.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Mr White talks viewers through several different pictures including enhanced images of the bizarre finding.

The keen alien hunter admitted the finding “may just be a rock”, but continued to point out its startlingly realistic details.

He added: “You can see two white lines sticking up which look like tiny little horns which is very odd indeed.”

Mr White questions whether it could be a turtle, tortoise or “some sort of weird reptile type creature.”

The space enthusiast uses his YouTube channel to dig deep into NASA images and document possible life on Mars.

The latest sighting follows a number of curious discoveries in outer space, including a fleet of UFOs seen hovering in Turkey.

In another amazing claim a UFO hunter using Google Maps believes he has found several alien bases on the Moon.