Man who shot himself TWICE in the heart with CROSSBOW saved by docs


Cardiac surgeons carried out the high-tech operation which involved taking the man”s heart out of his body, repairing the damage and then replacing it in his chest.

The 53-year-old, whose name has not been released, was rushed to hospital in Russia”s second city of St Petersburg with two arrows stuck in his heart.

He was still conscious and told medics that he had tried to commit suicide because he did not want to live anymore.

He had shot himself a second time after he was shocked to find that he had not succeeded in killing himself with his first attempt.

Cardiac surgeons there carried out the high-tech surgery to temporarily remove the heart in a cardiopulmonary bypass.

They kept their patient alive with a heart-lung machine while they removed the arrows and then sewed up the wounds using his own heart tissue.

Doctors described the man’s condition as “stable but serious”.

He is believed to have shot himself with the crossbow at his flat in the Primorsky district of the city.

Police are looking into the incident and have declined to comment further pending the outcome of their investigation.

While local media reported that the projectiles were arrows, it is unclear if they were indeed arrows or bolts, and exactly how long they were. Most experts agree that bolts measure less than 16 inches.