Mum “treated like criminal” by supermarket security for breaking littleknown rule


But then they told her; she had taken photos of the deals on champagne and whiskey for her husband.

Zoë Lowdon? said on Facebook that she was made to feel “like a naughty child” by store security.

And to make matters weirder, she says security had watched her take pictures without a word.

She complained to the supermarket that it was “the most mortifying shopping experience of my life”.

Mum-of-three Zoë, who was visiting the Newark store, later shared a message she had been sent by Waitrose about her complaint.

It said that customers were expected to ask before taking photos in store, but admitted security had been overzealous.

However a spokesman for the supermarket told The Mirror shoppers were welcome to take photos for personal use.

They said: “We are very sorry for the distress this has clearly caused and we”ve contacted Mrs Lowdon.

“Shoppers are welcome to take photography of products on their mobile phones for their own use

“And we”ll be reminding our shops of our guidelines to avoid any confusion in the future.”