Putin’s CLONED dogs of war Special forces to unleash ‘designer canines’


Police and security forces in Russia will use the three Belgian Malinois after they were gifted to them by Dr Hwang Woo Suk.

The South Korean professor is also working on restoring extinct woolly mammoths to Siberia.

They were unveiled at the Mammoth Museum in Yakutia, the same part of Siberia where he is collecting samples of extinct woolly mammoths.

The animals have preserved for thousands of years in the ice and Dr Hwang wants to bring the species back to life in their native habitat.

They are among 500 cloned puppies from the Sooam Biotech laboratories in Seoul, the world”s first animal cloning centre.

The weapon of war comes just a week after Putin unveiled his nuclear “nightmare” train.

“These dogs are very young, in Korea they went though a basic training, so handlers here will decide what best to choose for them depending on their abilities and talents,” Dr Grigoryev added.

“The military-historical society works in co-operation with Russian police and special services, and provides dogs as ordered.

“I know that the society”s trainers are usually most keen on explosive sniffers, so I would guess this is the field where the cloned dogs will be used.”