Reallife Sleeping Beauty Girl, 16, fell asleep for SIX MONTHS


Beth Goodier, 22, from Stockport, in Greater Manchester, was just 16 years old when she fell asleep and didn”t wake up properly for six months.

For up to 22 hours a day Beth falls into a “sleep coma” where nothing can wake her.

It leaves her just two hours each day to live her life.

For those short hours Beth has to eat and drink enough for that day while juggling time with her boyfriend Dan, who she met during an “awake” phase three years ago.

But Dr Guy Leschziner, a consultant neurologist at Guy”s and St Thomas” NHS Trust, has revealed KLS cases – which can cripple a person for up to 13 years – are on the rise.

Janine said: “The most horrible symptom is her confusion.

“When she wakes for a few hours a day, she does not know where she is and becomes very agitated.

“The toughest year was when her friends finished their A-levels and went off to university, because Beth knew when she woke up that it should have been her, and that hurt her badly.”

Beth is currently two-and-a half months into another deep sleep episode.