Viewers creeped out by deadly ‘twoheaded snake’ caught in horrific mating battle


In the jaw-dropping clip two snakes are seen clenched in an epic mating war.

But the vision of the two animals intertwining is so bizarre some viewers are questioning whether it is actually just one animal – with two heads.

In the ferocious clip from Merredin, Western Australia, the killer snakes are locked together and writhing about in the middle of a dusty road.

Believed to be king brown snakes – also known as the Pilbara cobra – the species are one of Australia’s longest and most venomous.

It is responsible for around 60% of snakebite deaths in the country.

While some have speculated that the footage – uploaded to Facebook by Danny Moroney – shows two snakes in the throes of passion, others think they might be hooked in battle.

According to Melbourne University Zoology PhD student Christopher Jolly the terrifying sight was the result of two male snakes in a fight to the death over a female partner.

Mainly, viewers were just enthralled by the clip, with one person commenting: “That is totally unreal. Looks like a two-headed snake.”

Another said: “Nope. No thank you. Could not handle seeing that in real life.”

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