Woman becomes overnight star after dramatic sinking car rescue on live TV


The Busty blonde was on her way to an exam in Spain when she became the unexpected star of a lunchtime news report.

Her rescue was filmed by a TV crew who were at the scene recording floods in the area.

Sari Frias was facing the dilemma of how to get out of her red BMW after she tried to cross a flooded road under a bridge in Puerto de Sagunto near the east coast city of Valencia.

Local officials claimed she had been driving too fast and had ignored warning signs about the flooding, although it emerged today a barrier designed to stop motorists reaching the areahad been knocked down by another car.

Any hopes she might have had of keeping the gaffe a secret from family and friends were blown by the national TV crew.

Pretty blonde Sari was recorded clambering fully-clothed out of her passenger window with her belongings and jumping into the water as she clung to the side of the car and then pulled herself up onto the roof to wait for help to arrive.

She then faced an agonising half-hour wait as her car sank further and further into the water.

“I think the car is a write-off but I”ll be told for sure later.

“When I drove towards the bridge there were no signs, no warning, nothing.

“If I had been an elderly person or a child, I don”t know what would have happened.

“I was going to jump into the water but was warned not to do it by onlookers because it was flood water and no-one was sure what was in it.”

One Internet meme – picturing Sari talking on her mobile on the roof of her car in the flood water – said: “Hello, darling. Just to say that water”s got into the injectors of the new BMW and I can”t get it started. Can you come and get me.”

The storms that brought the worst flooding since 2009 to the area also created a spectacular waterspout off the coast of the nearby town of Sueca that was described as the most important in a decade.