A CALCULATING eightyearold got revenge on her mum by secretly branding her a BED WETTER


Mum-of-three Maria told her that the roller footwear was too expensive and that she couldn”t have them, prompting a mutinous Freya to mutter “you”re the worst mother in the world” but seemingly letting the matter lie.

However it later emerged she had exacted her revenge by writing in her homework that evening: “There was a peculiar wet patch in my mum”s bed when she woke up in the morning. P.S. (it was her)”

Maria, from Northfleet, Kent, said: “When Freya finished her homework she said “you don”t have to check it, there”s no need to” and went up to bed.

“I went to look at it and couldn”t believe it. When I saw it I thought “oh my God!” but sent it in as it is.

When Freya saw Celeste zooming around while trying on a pricey pair she decided she wanted some too however mum Maria put her foot down and said no.

Maria said: “After her little outburst in the shop she suddenly went quiet. She”s normally quite feisty so I did think she”d let it go a little too easily.

“Either that or she was growing up and becoming a bit more mature.

“After we got home Freya said she had homework to do so I left her to it while I was keeping an eye on my youngest who”s three.” The homework involved using three words – peculiar, question and recently – and forming their own sentences using them.

The homework in full reads: “There was a peculiar wet patch in my mum”s bed when she woke up in the morning. P.S. (it was her)”.

“In my class when I need to ask an important question I always put my hand up.

“Recently in America Donald Trump has become the new president and Hillary Clinton lost the election.” Freya”s bemused teacher marked the paper and drew a smiley face in a nod towards her outlandish sentence.