Brexit may “NEVER HAPPEN” because the EU has “marginalised” Britain, Polish MP claims


Witold Waszczykowski, a member of the Polish right-wing party Law and Justice, said it was in Poland”s best interests for Britain to remain in the EU for as long as possible.

Speaking to the Polish national newspaper, Mr Waszczykowski said: “Brexit will not take place earlier than in two to three years, if it takes place at all.

“In the next three years, there is no need to treat Britain as a child with special needs, which is stigmatised and marginalised.

“It is in our interest that Britain remain an EU state as long as possible and pay contributions as long as possible.”

Waszczykowski accompanied Beata Szydlo, Poland’s Prime Minister for an official visit to Britain on Monday.

During talks, Theresa May confirmed that Britain will have a “stronger” relationship with Poland after Brexit.