El Clasico Here”s why you CAN’T watch the biggest match on earth this weekend


Billed as the biggest match on earth, millions around the world will tune into Barcelona against Real Madrid on Saturday.

More than 100 countries can watch the titanic clash at the Nou Camp – but the UK won’t be one of them.

Months ago Spanish league bosses confirmed the match will get under way at 3.15pm (UK time).

British law prevents live football being televised between 2.45pm and 5.15pm.

The English FA, the Premier League and the Football League reached a decision for a TV blackout on Saturday afternoon in a bid to encourage fans to attend matches back in the 1960s.

This is not the first time Brit fans have missed the El Classico – or some of it at least.

In 2014, Sky Sports viewers had to make do with missing the first 15 minutes of the El Clasico because the game kicked off at 5pm.

This year however, fans here will have to make do with watching the El Clasico when it”s repeated two hours after kick-off.

La Liga have snubbed the English market in an attempt to boost viewing figures in America and across Asia.