George Bush tells Trump to deal with Kim Jongun HEAD ON amid fears of another nuke test


Bush said Trump “shouldn’t turn away” from North Korea’s security threats because the Kim Jong-un represents a grave security threat.

During a forum at his George W. Bush Institute in Texas, the 43rd US President said the nuclear driven state represents a grave security threat and America should not “detach” themselves from events in Pyongyang.

He said: “Denial provides only the shallow and temporary illusion of security, and leadership on this matter cannot be delegated to others.

“A successful response will require unprecedented global cooperation but it can only be led by one country – the United States.”

“There’s no easy policy solution, but any serious response must begin by accepting realty: there is no way to detach ourselves from events in East Asia.”

Weeks before the US election results were announced, Bush expressed his refusal to support and vote for the 70-year-old billionaire because the hotelier did not represent values of “hope and optimism balanced with realism”.

In response to Bush’s damning comments, a disappointed Trump said: “I think its sad. I think it’s sad, you know.”

Bush sternly stressed the destructive power of North Korea, urging American’s to learn from the lesson’s of history.

He added: “The threat we face arises out of the nature of the North Korean regime itself. The lesson of history is clear.

“A country that does not respect the rights of its people will not respect the rights of its neighbours.

“Our future and the future of that region are closely linked. Eventually, there is no isolation from proliferation, no safety in distance.”

The eldest son of George H W Bush, the 41st President of the United States, Bush made a mark in US history with the Iraq War, a controversial conflict that Trump supported.