Goalkeeper killed in Colombia plane crash called wife MOMENTS before his death


Danilo Padhila, 31, was one of seven pulled from the crash site on Tuesday morning when the plane, travelling from rom Sao Paulo to Bolivia, went down in Colombia.

The father-of-one was whisked to hospital in Medallin along with three of his teammates and managed to make a phone call to his wife, Leticia.

But tragically, he died moments later.

Padhila, who has played for Chapecoense since 2013, maintained a social media presence celebrating his family life.

The footballer posted photos to Instagram of him and his wife four weeks ago, describing Leticia as “my love”.

He also regularly posted pictures of his son, Lorenzo.

Hauntingly, Padhila appears in a Snapchat video filmed from inside doomed flight LMI2933, posted by his teammate defender Alan Ruschel.

Ruschel, 27, survived the plane crash, which killed 71.

Chapecoense players Jakson Follmann and Helio Neto were also among the lucky survivors.

The incident is being investigated by the Civil Aeronautics unit in Colombia, which reports it may have been caused by an electrical failure or an issue with the plane’s fuel supply.

As a result of the tragedy, the South American Cup final has been suspended.

The club”s vice president, Ivan Tozzo, said: “The penny has yet to drop. We’re just waiting, everyone putting our faith in God that things will go our way. The pain is hard to take.

He added: “I’ve been at Chapecoense a long time and I know what we’ve gone through to get here. Now we’ve arrived here, I won’t say at our peak but known around the country, a tragedy like this happens. It’s really tough, a great tragedy.”