Life on Mars UFO hunters find evidence of ancient civilisation on red planet


The United Family of Anomaly Hunters has released footage taken from a NASA drone which appears to show an ancient civilisation.

In a YouTube video, a series of pictures are shown from the Elysium Planitia plain near the Martian equator.

Images show startling shapes which appear to be carved into the Martian rock.

Some of the shapes look like eroded domes that could be surrounded by the circular rings.

From the title of the video, NASA Spots Walled Cities on Mars from MRO Satellite, it is clear that the video maker believes these structures are walled cities.

A YouTube commenter even claimed that the structures were similar to South African buildings.

The images on the NASA Spots Walled Cities video have been taken by NASA”s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has captured high-res images from the planet since 2006.

Mars is currently frozen but geologists believe that the planet may have had a lush climate, due to the study of rocks from previous missions.

Previous images have shown that the Elysium Planitia was once home to a series of active volcanos.

UFO Hunters have also claimed that Venus is inhabited by a civilisation of aliens capable of surviving in its hostile climate.