Manager Gareth Southgate unveiled in same place as Pizza Hut conference after THAT advert


Southgate, 46, signed a deal worth £6.3 million with the FA and it was announced in the same building where the annual Pizza Hut conference is held.

But in 1996 Southgate appeared in the pizza maestros” advert where he was mocked for missing crucial penalties for England in the 1990 World Cup.

The jokey advert has Southgate with a bag over his head, obviously too embarrassed to show his face to the world.

Ex-footballers Stuart Pearce and Chris Waddle start the advert shouting “Miss! Miss!” to a nearby waitress.

Southgate said: “I am extremely proud to be appointed England manager. However, I’m also conscious that getting the job is one thing, now I want to do the job successfully.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with the players over these past four games and I think there’s huge potential.

“I’m determined to give everything I have to give the country a team that they’re proud of and one that they’re going to enjoy watching play and develop. For me, the hard work starts now.”

The former Under-21s boss has promised to “give everything” to the top job.