Movie star boxer Vinny Paz ‘I’ve bedded Jenna Jameson and 1000 women”


He told Daily Star Online: “In 1991 I said I am on top of the world right now.

“A couple of weeks later the car accident happened to me.

“You are the first guy I have repeated those words to since.’

He then jokes that he hopes that he is not tempting fate.

“I hope nothing will go wrong for me in the future.”

Vinny admits his life is “a little wild” and he’s “not your normal guy”.

After being the subject of one of the most miraculous sporting comebacks ever following his car accident, Vinny went on to win three world titles.

He has hit rock bottom too, gambling away millions at the blackjack tables away from the ring.

But he has certainly had some fun along the way in amongst the mayhem.

“I have got no clue how many women I’ve slept with,” he says. “You are probably looking at a thousand chicks.

“I was better at sleeping with girls than gambling that’s for sure.

“Around half were playmates, strippers and porn stars. I was around Jenna Jameson for a bit.”

Vinny only fought in London once during his 60-fight career – but the night holds mixed memories.

He lost on points to Nottingham fighter Herol Graham at Wembley Arena.

“When I fought here. I beat Herol Graham’s arse, but the judges gave it to him.

“I would have knocked him out but I had some porn star Tyler Faith with me who had been b****** me all night. I was tired.”

Bleed For This is out December 2