Mum”s HORROR as tot choked by window blind cord in front of her eyes


Two-year-old Riley Shelley was moments from death after he got tangled up climbing down from a living room windowsill.

Mum Karen Shelley, 42, was so terrified she said her legs gave way as she spotted her helpless tot.

“She lifted his weight off the cord and, by that point, I had managed to get over there and remove the cord from around his neck,” Karen said.

“It was literally a few seconds but the colour went out of his face immediately and his eyes were bulging.

“It”s just something you never want to see – your child just hanging there lifeless.

“It was awful. I honestly thought he had died.”

Karen hopes speaking out about her experience will help warn other parents about the potentially deadly household fixture.

Doctors said Riley was “extremely lucky” and the accident could have been even more serious if the cord had hit his windpipe.

She added: “If something like this could happen while he was being supervised, it”s scary to think of what could happen to a child when they”re in their bedrooms or playing alone.”