Newspaper headlines Papers show final images of air crash footballers

Newspaper headlines: Papers show final images of air crash footballers

Image caption Wreckage of the plane that crashed in Colombia, killing almost all the members of the Brazilian club side Chapecoense, is shown as a full-page picture on the front of the i, one of many newspapers to focus on the tragedy.
Image caption A similar picture dominates the front of the Times - but is accompanied by a much smaller selfie taken on board by two of the young, smiling players who were on the way to play the biggest match of their careers. Only one of the pair survived.
Image caption The Daily Star"s front page focuses on one very personal story from the tragedy. It pictures goalkeeper Danilo, smiling in a picture with his wife Leticia, and tells how he was pulled from the wreckage, phoned his wife to say he loved her and then died.
Image caption Meanwhile, the Guardian continues its investigations into alleged historical sexual abuse in youth football. Former player Derek Bell says he was abused by a coach at a boys" club in the 1970s but only reported it to police when he discovered the man had become involved with youth coaching at Newcastle in the 1990s. The paper reveals the coach was convicted but only on charges of abuse at the boys" club, not at Newcastle.
Image caption The Daily Mirror focuses on the FA"s warning that it will punish any clubs who were involved in covering up abuse claims in the past, amid claims that some young victims were paid "hush money".
Image caption Not for the first time, the Daily Mail carries a picture of pop star Cheryl with an observation that she is looking pregnant, despite the singer choosing not to share any news on the subject. "Fancy bumping into you, Cheryl" is the paper"s headline.
Image caption The Sun"s front page features the same picture, taken as the singer attended a carol concert with boyfriend Liam Payne. But it says that Cheryl and Liam are opting to "keep mum" for now.
Image caption And the Daily Express leads on a study suggesting that drinking three cups of coffee a day cuts the risk of Alzheimer"s by more than a quarter.

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