Road rage biker chases car and smashes driver”s phone after good deed goes wrong


The biker spotted a wallet falling from the roof of a car leaving a petrol station and quickly went to pick it up and hunt down the driver to return it.

In footage – filmed by the biker”s helmet camera – the car speeds off with a smartphone still sitting on its roof.

The motorcyclist goes over to the fallen wallet, picks it up and races after the motorist in an attempt to return it. 

But as he gets close to the car and honks his horn to alert the driver he is met with a harsh response.

The motorist gives him the middle finger and continues on his way.

Undeterred the biker follows him and waves the wallet around in the air until the driver realises what has happened.

He quickly pulls over and says: “Thank you so much, bruv.”

But the biker is still reeling from the middle finger he received and dishes out revenge by throwing the wallet into the car, picking the phone off the roof and throwing it to the ground before speeding off into the distance.

The clip – filmed in the UK – has racked up thousands of hits in only a day and viewers felt the biker”s actions were justified.

One YouTube user wrote: “Well done, motorcyclist!”

Another commented: “That car driver is a piece of s***. Deserved.”

And a third added: “Legend. I would have launched the phone at his head.”

But this isn”t the first case of road rage to wow the internet.


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