Russia, USA and China are prepping for allout SPACE WAR


As countries seek to maintain control in outer-space, competition between nations will give rise to apocalyptic cosmic attacks, according to security officials.

Nightmare scenarios might leave vast swathes of the planet in the dark as intergalactic weapons knock out satellites and launch cyber attacks.

General John Hyten, head of US Strategic Command, told CNN: “As humans go out there, there has always been conflict. Conflict in the Wild West as we move in the West … conflict twice in Europe for its horrible world wars.

Planes could drop out of the sky as they become unsure of their position and without data to steer them around storms.

World leaders might not be able to communicate, and suspicion and hostility would cause panic.

Armed drones would be out of contact, smart bombs would be useless and missile use would be futile.

Worst of all, nuclear attack early warning systems would cease to function.

Peter Singer, who advises the US Defense Department on space threats said: “There”s incentive to take that away from us.

“And that means if there was conflict on Planet Earth, it would almost inherently start with some kind of conflict in space.”

Russia has already developed multiple kamikaze satellites such as the “Kosmos 2499” which is designed to sidle up to American satellites and then, if ordered, disable or destroy them.

China has launched the “Shiyan” which is a spacecraft equipped with a grappling arm that could snatch satellites right out of orbit.

Hyten said: “We have very good surveillance and intelligence capabilities, so we can see the threats that are being built.

“So we”re developing capabilities to defend ourselves. It”s really that simple.”