Russia”s “gamechanger” secret weapon WILL end US dominance, warns Air Force chief


Russia”s new hypersonic nuclear weapons – which could reach Britain in 13 minutes – outgun everything in the US arsenal, according to the shocking warning.

The West has been falling behind development of the super-fast and super-maneuvarable weapons which can dodge missile defence systems , it has been warned.

Putin”s new weapons were branded a “game-changer” and are due to be mounted atop his terrifying Satan 2 nuke.

Mark J. Lewis, chairman of the panel who penned the report, said: “The US may be facing a threat from a new class of weapons that will effectively combine speed, manoeuvrability, and altitude in ways that could challenge this nation’s tenets of global vigilance, reach, and power.

“Offense and defense are two sides of the same coin; as in the days of the Cold War.

“The only reliable deterrent to the use of a hypersonic weapon may in fact be the threat of a corresponding hypersonic countermeasure that might hold at risk the very sites from which the adversaries’ hypersonic strike would originate.”

Russia successfully tested its hypersonic weapon earlier this year with a launch at Yasny Launch Base.

The super weapon has been dubbed Object 4202 and is also known as the Hypersonic Glider Vehicle.

Three Object 4202 warheads are due to be mounted on the Satan 2.

They deploy their warheads which then cruise through the upper stratosphere before hitting their target at hypersonic speed.

Capt. Michael Hertzog, spokesman for the US Air Force, said: “Hypersonic are one of the game-changers that provides high-speed options for engaging time-sensitive targets.

“The Air Force is developing technologies for a high speed strike weapon to enable a responsive, long-range strike capability.

“These weapons can be employed from fighters and bombers and fly at hypersonic speeds to their intended target on the ground.”